Our Mission

At The Burning Buffalo, being a good neighbor is at the forefront of everything we do. We serve our community by providing impeccable food and beverages served with exceptional hospitality. In the spirit of generosity and kindness, we support our neighbors by sponsoring local sports leagues, hosting local events and giving back to the community where we live and work.

Our Inspiration

Our inspiration began with our name. The Burning Buffalo. Shortly after midnight on December 30, 1813, British troops crossed the Niagara River and sacked the Village of Buffalo. As frenzied residents escaped with what food and valuables they could carry, the British troops looted the village and flung blazing torches through smashed windows. Fire quickly consumed all but a handful of the 150 wooden buildings.

Within a week, residents trickled back to find smoldering piles of black ash amidst a landscape of virgin snow. Built on a foundation of pride, resilience, compassion and generosity, what arose from the ashes would eventually become the great city we know today. Those values of our earliest citizens, forged in fire, remain to this day at the core of every Buffalonian.

We aim to honor our city's rich history and proud citizens by featuring local products, delivering an exceptional guest experience and most importantly by being a good neighbor and upholding the shared set of values that bind our community and define us as Buffalonians.